Integrate easily with Microsoft Graph with out-of-the-box UWP controls developed by Canviz

At the Microsoft Build 2018 event, Microsoft announced out-of-the-box UWP (Universal Windows Platform) controls that allow developers to easily integrate with the Microsoft Graph. Canviz is proud to have developed the initial UWP controls that have become part of the Windows Community Toolkit (formerly known as UWP Community Toolkit) available on GitHub.

Watch the official announcement in the Microsoft Build Technology Keynote:

Here are the controls Canviz developed:

  • AadLogin
  • PeoplePicker
  • ProfileCard
  • SharePointFileList

And soon to be added:

  • PlannerTaskList
  • PowerBiEmbedded

Watch the deeper dive that demonstrates the Windows Community Toolkit:

Be sure to check out the Microsoft Graph documentation to learn more about the power of the Microsoft Graph and the out-of-the-box UWP controls.

Happy coding!

Author: Manfred Wittenbols
Solutions Architect at Canviz Consulting. 25+ years of experience in software development. Passionate about UX and improving lives with tech. Started as coder of dESiRE BBS during my teens. Developed several award winning mobile apps involving WebRTC, AngularJS, Cordova, AWS. Currently focusing on Cloud Architecture, implementing projects involving Azure, Kubernetes, Machine Learning, Big Data, Xamarin, UWP. Producer of EDM in my spare time.

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