The Microsoft Power Apps team chooses Canviz to make their sample Power Apps templates!

Canviz works with the Microsoft Power Platform team on a daily basis to create Power Apps sample templates and supporting blogs, documentation and videos for Microsoft customers.

At Canviz, we have been creating Power Apps before they were available to the public.  Our thought leadership with Power Apps is evident in the official Power Apps sample templates released by Microsoft, the conference presentations we deliver, and our community contributions.

Canviz Power Apps services include design, development, test, deployment, documentation, and support.  We create fast, modern, and mobile-enabled Power Apps solutions for a wide range of business needs.

Power Apps QuickStart Solution

At Canviz, we have perfected the art of quickly developing Power Apps for our clients!

Our Power Apps QuickStart Solution provides our customers the ability to take an idea and turn it into a polished Power App in just weeks!

Usually, in the course of two weeks we can gather your requirements, document them, create a design and a prototype of your Power App and review it with your stakeholders.

After the review cycle is complete and we gather the feedback from the reviews we can tweak the requirements and design and begin the build phase.  A typical build phase for a Power App can be finished and fully tested in under a month.

Customer Benefits

  • The most experienced Power Apps team in the industry!
  • Direct access to the Microsoft Power Platform team
  • Awareness of the product roadmap ensures your Power Apps are built with the future in mind
  • Fast, mobile enabled Power Apps to connect employees, customers, vendors and partners
  • Power Apps that work around the world in many languages
  • Great looking Power Apps that promote your company’s brand identity
  • Experienced architects, developers, and testers ensure your Power Apps are built properly to ensure maximum performance and up-time

Solutions and Capabilities

  • Mobile, tablet, and desktop Power Apps
  • Multi-lingual Power Apps
  • Small business Power Apps
  • Large corporate Power Apps
  • Line of business systems Power Apps
  • Software as a service Power Apps

Official Microsoft Power Apps Sample Templates We've Created

Power Apps Videos We've Created


  • Self Service Employee Portal – Power Platform 4-Week Proof of Concept

    Canviz has a new offering in the Microsoft AppSource!  The app automates employee centric processes using the Power Platform to enable electronic content exchange; automate distribution, routing, and approval; and eliminate inefficient queuing times.  Canviz professional services team, led by experts in Microsoft’s Power Platform, will guide you through a Proof of Concept (POC) phase

  • Power Apps UI Developer Tips

    Choose Proper Screen Size Before Development  Screen size is very important, first we should choose a proper screen size, and should not change screen size once begin development. The reason is that some properties (X, Y, Width, Height, Font size, etc.) of all controls will be changed automatically after the screen size is changed even

  • How to Connect to Twitter’s Search API to Return Hashtag Data

    Interested in learning about connecting a Power App with Twitter’s Search API? Check out our new video where Todd guides us through the process. Resources: Twitter API Search Endpoints: https://developer.twitter.com/en/docs…​ Twitter API 30 Day Pricing: https://developer.twitter.com/en/pric…​ Word Art Tool: https://wordart.com/​

  • Microsoft FastTrack Recognized Solution Architect – Power Platform Award

    Canviz’s Partner and CTO Todd Baginski has been awarded the Microsoft FastTrack Recognized Solution Architect – Power Platform!

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