Seattle Genetics Atlas

Seattle Genetics
November 2019
Consulting Services


Seattle Genetics partnered with Canviz to create a new mobile enabled custom application to allow them to create, manage, and publish drug studies.

The Seattle Genetic Atlas team is responsible with updating and publishing the status and results of drug studies underway in their organization. Their original system involved 3 different programs that required copy and pasting content between those different systems.

Canviz migrated the original content in the system then built a new single application to streamline editing, publishing, workflow notifications, and visualization of the studies.

The new application allows writers, editors, quality assurance personnel, and consumers of the studies to interact with study information in a single place.

The application was also enhanced and now provides a robust search experience, responsive views for tablet and desktop devices, notifications for each step of the publishing process, and a highly scale-able and well performing back end database and service layer built on Microsoft Azure.

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