Fast Track Pulse

October 2019
Consulting Services


Canviz worked with a program team in the Dynamics 365 FastTrack group at Microsoft to create a suite of Power Apps and Power BI reports that streamlined the process of collecting feedback from key customers and creating action items for individual team members to follow up on based on those interviews.

Leveraging both Model Driven and Canvas Apps using the Common Data Service (CDS), Canviz created a total of three Power Platform applications. The first helps the Microsoft team members document the usage and satisfaction of the company’s products through customer interviews. The second is used to triage the feedback provided from the interviews in order to create follow up tasks to increase satisfaction or inform other teams of gaps or struggles the client is experiencing. The third Power App is used to administer the other applications. Canviz also collaborated with the Microsoft program team to create a suite of Power BI reports that visualize the input and outputs of this process in order to see in real time the results of the program.”

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