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Microsoft is fully invested in the cloud-first market place with Azure; the gold standard in cloud-based IT solutions. From mobile backends and web apps to SQL to virtual machines, Azure provides a wide offering for cloud computing.

Azure boasts:

  • Productivity tools optimizing your development schedule
  • An open and flexible cloud service platform
  • Full or hybrid based solutions
  • Commited data protection

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CANVIZ and cloud-first innovation

Canviz has been an early adopter of Azure, quickly realizing how far a fully supported Microsoft cloud solution could go. Today, Canviz customers enjoy a reliable, inexpensive and worry free platform hosting data and providing business essential services to support their arrays of apps and tools without the cost of an full on premises solution.

Canviz continues to lead the way in cloud solutions innovation. We understand when to employ a full or hybrid Azure solution. We are currently creating a CJIS compliant law enforcement application that runs in squad cars on Azure Government that is used by police departments all around the nation.

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