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The Microsoft PowerApps team chooses Canviz to make their sample PowerApps templates!

Canviz works with the Microsoft PowerApps team on a daily basis to create PowerApps sample templates and supporting blogs, documentation and videos for Microsoft customers.

At Canviz, we have been creating PowerApps before they were available to the public.  Our thought leadership with PowerApps is evident in the official PowerApps sample templates released by Microsoft, the conference presentations we deliver, and our community contributions.

Canviz PowerApps services include design, development, test, deployment, documentation, and support.  We create fast, modern, and mobile-enabled PowerApps solutions for a wide range of business needs.

PowerApps QuickStart Solution

At Canviz, we have perfected the art of quickly developing PowerApps for our clients!

Our PowerApps QuickStart Solution provides our customers the ability to take an idea and turn it into a polished PowerApp in just weeks!

Usually, in the course of two weeks we can gather your requirements, document them, create a design and a prototype of your PowerApp and review it with your stakeholders.

After the review cycle is complete and we gather the feedback from the reviews we can tweak the requirements and design and begin the build phase.  A typical build phase for a PowerApp can be finished and fully tested in under a month.

Customer Benefits

  • The most experienced PowerApps team in the industry!
  • Direct access to the Microsoft PowerApps team
  • Awareness of the product roadmap ensures your PowerApps are built with the future in mind
  • Fast, mobile enabled PowerApps to connect employees, customers, vendors and partners
  • PowerApps that work around the world in many languages
  • Great looking PowerApps that promote your company’s brand identity
  • Experienced architects, developers, and testers ensure your PowerApps are built properly to ensure maximum performance and up-time

Solutions and Capabilities

  • Mobile, tablet, and desktop PowerApps
  • Multi-lingual PowerApps
  • Small business PowerApps
  • Large corporate PowerApps
  • Line of business systems PowerApps
  • Software as a service PowerApps

Official Microsoft PowerApps Sample Templates We've Created

PowerApps Videos We've Created


  • PowerApps Common Data Service (CDS) Security

    In this video I demonstrate how to secure and share Canvas PowerApps that use the Common Data Service (CDS) 2.0 data source. The following topics are discussed and demonstrated: How to interpret and troubleshoot CDS entity permission errors. How to share Canvas PowerApps that use CDS data sources. How to create custom CDS security roles.

  • Change PowerApps Owner

    In this video I demonstrate three different ways to change the Owner for a PowerApps app. Don’t actually change the owner, clone the app and assign a new Owner. Export the package, then log on with the intended Owner account and import the package. When importing, select Create New for the app. Use the Share

  • PowerApps Auditing, Usage Logging, and Reporting

    In this video I demonstrate 3 different ways to audit, log usage, and report on PowerApps. PowerApps Analytics reports Office 365 Security Center Audit Logs Learn more here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-platform/admin/logging-powerapps Custom logging to an external source such as Azure Application Insights. Watch this video to learn how to log to Azure Application Insights: https://youtu.be/HqKHuDeEkXs

  • HOW TO: Log PowerApps Errors and Telemetry

    In this video I demonstrate how to log Exceptions, Events, and Page Views to Azure Application Insights from both a Custom Connector and Flows. This allows you to capture telemetry about your application to help you understand how your users use it, what errors may be occurring, and how to fix things quickly! This video

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“As we approached our cloud strategies, we realized we needed a partner to help us understand the cloud options that best fit our needs. We interviewed several possible partners, landing on Canviz due to their straight forward approach. We were quite impressed with Canviz’s ability to understand our unique needs, and provide an easy to follow roadmap to the cloud. I would highly recommend the Canviz team, they delivered on expectations!”

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IT Project Manager , Fisgard Asset Management Corporation

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