Generating Activity on Demo Office Tenants

May, 2019
Consulting Services


For any organization who demos a social/content heavy production one of the biggest challenges in presenting to their customers is having a product that looks used, up to date and active with out resorting to showing live data.

The members of the SharePoint marketing team are faced with this challenge at every conference that they present at. But updating a site, or a whole suite of sites, is a long process requiring many man hours to complete. Canviz, using the Microsoft Graph and a custom web app allowed the marketing team to have a self service activity generating experience.

Each owner of the demo site can now authorize the activity generating application to generate random content and interactions on SharePoint, OneNote, Yammer and Teams. Now instead of hiring an outside company to add content over the course of a day the site owners can schedule new content and interactions to be executed every day of the conference.

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