Automated SharePoint List and Excel Data Sync

Massive Online Retailer (Client Confidential)
October 2019
Consulting Services


Canviz saved countless days of work by creating a highly efficient PowerShell script that performs CRUD operations on a custom SharePoint list with over 18,000 items. The PowerShell script first downloads data from both Excel and SharePoint in parallel into hash tables. It then processes the data received, combines the content of the Excel sheet with the SharePoint list, and only updates the SharePoint list as needed. The script then deletes all the items that may have been added to the SharePoint that were not in the Excel sheet.

This process used to be completed manually by the user and can now be remotely triggered and independently completed by the computer. We optimized the script to ensure it is as efficient as possible and now the day long process just takes a single click to start and it executes in less than 4 hours.

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