Systems Analyst

Canviz is looking for an experienced systems analyst with 3+ years of experience to successfully support ongoing client projects.

Department: Project Management
Project Location(s): Kirkland WA
Education: BA


  • Review with client and document business and functional requirements, detailing application for architecture and development processes.
  • Manage sites –  including content, permissions, enhancement requests, and bug fixes
  • Work with application/site owners to keep content refreshed
  • Troubleshoot site issues, escalating to proper team for resolution
  • Document user how-to details
  • Work with client teams to create new pages, lists, libraries, and sub sites as appropriate



  • Detailed Requirements 
  • Functional Specifications
  • Test Plans


  • Basic understanding of SharePoint features and user interface 
  • Understanding of the SharePoint Publishing Process
  • Knowledge of the Site Configuration Options

Bugs/CRs Triage Process

  • Basic Bug and triage process understanding
  • Ability to write a complete bug and submit through above process
  • Experience in managing CRs/bugs through resolution


  • Firm Business writing skills (example may be requested)
  • Attention to design, grammar, and spelling detail
  • Basic HTML
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“Our experience working with Canviz has been great. They took our thoughts and ideas and brought them to reality. They were very responsive in resolving any bugs or fixes. We overall really enjoyed the experience”

Michelle Markus
Performance Contract Engineer, Perfection Group

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