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Office Add-Ins

What are Add-ins?

An Office Add-in can do pretty much anything a webpage can do. It is a web application hosted in a browser control or iframe running in the context of an Office application. Add-ins can access data in the current document or mail item, and connect to web services and other web–based resources.

In addition to the regular capabilities of a web page, Office Add-ins can interact with Office applications and user's content through JavaScript libraries.

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CANVIZ is a Top-tier Market Leader

Canviz is a leader in Office Add-in development. We engineer Office Add-ins for Fortune 500 companies and Microsoft recommends Canviz to their customers, partners and ISVs for our Office Add-in work. We have built custom Add-ins for clients that perform functions on millions of ranges in Excel, find customers in Outlook, display web content in Word and many others.

Additionally, we create new content and upgrade and maintain the Office 365 developer training content on GitHub.

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